Daytona Duels Bonus Contest

Fantasy Racing Online is offering a FREE contest for the Daytona Duel Races at Daytona on February 13, 2020 with $150 in cash prizes.

This is a great way to get acclimated to the scoring of the Slingshot Fantasy Auto Contest for the upcoming season! We are using a very similar scoring method for this contest.

The rules are simple: Participants will pick three (3) drivers in Duel #1 at Daytona, and three drivers (3) in Duel #2 at Daytona. These six drivers will make up the participant’s “Roster.” The participant’s “Roster” will earn fantasy points as outlined in the Scoring section below. There is a form at the bottom of this page to enter your picks. In order to be eligible for this contest, you must have signed up for one of the three Fantasy NASCAR contests at Fantasy Racing Online for the 2020 season prior to the start of Duel #2 on February 13, 2020. Your options for contests this year are the Slingshot Fantasy Auto Contest, the Salary Cap Challenge, and The Showcase. If you have not yet signed up for a contest, you can do so by clicking here.

Scoring: Drivers will earn fantasy points based on the scoring chart below. They will earn points based on place differential as well as finishing position. Each driver’s starting spot that they will be scored from for place differential purposes is next to their name on the entry form. Adding the six drivers’ points together that the participant chooses will get the participant’s “Score.”

Points for Final Finish and Place Differential
1st120 points9th82 points17th58 points
2nd100 points10th80 points18th56 points
3rd98 points11th70 points19th54 points
4th96 points12th68 points20th52 points
5th94 points13th66 points21st50 points
6th88 points14th64 points22nd48 points
7th86 points15th62 pointsPlace Differential+/- 2 points per position
8th84 points16th60 points

How to win: The three participants that score the most fantasy points with their team of six drivers will win cash prizes. If there is a tie, the Tiebreaker will be used. The Tiebreaker is guessing the total number of laps the two 2020 Duel race winners will lead combined. The participant that gets closest to the total will win the Tiebreaker. If a participant does not enter a Tiebreaker number or guesses zero, he/she will automatically lose the Tiebreaker in the case it comes up.

Prizes: There will be three winners of this contest using the rules set above. The first winner (“1st Place”) will be the participant with the highest total “Score.” The second winner (“2nd Place”) will be the participant with the 2nd-highest total “Score.” The third winner (“3rd Place”) will be the participant with the 3rd-highest total “Score.” The prizes will be:

  • $75 cash for 1st Place
  • $50 cash for 2nd Place
  • $25 cash for 3rd Place

Final Notes: Limit one entry per person. No purchase necessary. Each person is only eligible to submit one set of picks. When entering picks for this contest, participant must use the email address used when signing up for a contest on Fantasy Racing Online. Winners will be notified via email and paid via check or PayPal. If participant wants to change his/her original picks, he/she may submit picks again. All entries are time stamped and the latest entry (closest to race start time) will be the one that is accepted and used. Picks/predictions are due by the green flag of the 2020 Duel #1 at Daytona (scheduled for approx. 7:00 pm ET on February 13, 2020). If there is a tie in scores, it will count as two (or more, depending on the number of participants that tie) winners/places; for example, if two participants tie with the highest score of all entrants, the Tiebreaker will determine “1st Place” and “2nd Place” and the next-highest scoring team(s) will be awarded “3rd Place”.

Use the form below to enter.

Sorry, you’re too late–the race has started. Good luck!