2020 Fantasy NASCAR

Set your eyes on the prize and check out our three Fantasy NASCAR games for the upcoming season.

Full-Season Fantasy NASCAR Contests for ANY Player

Whether you're looking to compete against some of the best for cold, hard cash, or just wanting to play Fantasy NASCAR for fun, we have a game available for you for the 2020 season.

Pay to Play Contests

Put your money where your mouth is with these games. For a small fee, compete to win thousands of dollars in prize money over the course of the entire NASCAR season.

There are two main styles when it comes to full-season Fantasy NASCAR: you can either play a game where you pick new drivers every week, or one where you have the same lineup for most of the season. We offer both styles.

Game Style: New Lineup Every Week

The Showcase the longest-running contest at Fantasy Racing Online. It offers a unique scoring system and a good mix of strategy to put together a great, full season. And at just $75 to play the entire year, it comes out to about $2 per race--pretty cheap considering there are thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs!

  • $12,500 in guaranteed cash prizes
  • Unlimited trades for the entire season
  • Weekly and overall season prizes
  • Pick 5 drivers for each race

Game Style: Same Lineup For Most Of Season

The Salary Cap Challenge is what is known as a "pool style" Fantasy NASCAR contest. Basically, players sign up for just $30 per team--less than a dollar per race!--and the prize pool continues to grow as the number of teams goes up. Each team has a lineup for the season but can only make a few changes to it. Can you put together the best team?

  • Prizes continue to grow as more sign up (on pace for well over $12,000 in 2020)
  • Weekly and overall season prizes
  • 3 free trades allowed for the entire year
  • 8-car roster for each race

Free Contests

Just want to have some fun against your friends, or other players all around the world? This is for you.

When FOX Fantasy Auto shut down before the 2018 season, many were devastated. So we created the Slingshot Fantasy Auto Contest--a similar offering with just a few minor tweaks.

  • FREE to play
  • Pick 5 drivers for each race
  • Score points on how your drivers finish
  • Play with and against friends