We have a quick turnaround this week after Monday’s race at Dover, as the Digital Ally 400 at Kansas is tonight (Saturday). To add on to that, NASCAR went with the impound schedule as well, which means the starting lineup wasn’t officially set until a couple of hours before lock. Anybody who regularly plays DraftKings NASCAR knows how much of a pain in the ass this is, as well as a major time crunch, so let’s get to the article. Things are going to be a little different this week for the sake of time.

Here are some helpful links to the qualifying results and practice speeds from this weekend:

1.5-Mile Track Performance in 2019

Kansas Speedway is a typical 1.5-mile “cookie cutter” race track, and it was repaved in 2012 so there’s not much tire fall off at all. This season we’ve raced at three other tracks (so far) of the same length, with those being Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Texas.

Below you will find quite a few statistics for each driver when it comes to the 1.5-mile tracks, including DraftKings points scored per race, dominator points per race, average finish, average start, number of fastest laps per race, laps led per race, and average running position. This is a wide table, so feel free to scroll. Also, you can click the column headers to sort by that column as well.

Atlanta is often thought of as the outlier 1.5-mile track because of how rough the surface is, so I’m including two charts here: one excluding the Atlanta race, and one including. Both are initially sorted by DraftKings points per race.

Statistics Excluding Atlanta

DriverDK Pts Per RaceDK Dominator Pts Per RaceAvg. FinishAvg. StartAvg Fastest Laps Per RaceAvg. Laps Led Per RaceAvg. Running Position
Kurt Busch71.8812.8807.0029.0020.0011.5012.00
Kevin Harvick71.0027.0006.0012.0032.0044.0007.50
Kyle Busch68.6328.1306.5009.5036.5039.5007.00
Joey Logano58.0021.5009.0009.0019.5047.0008.00
Aric Almirola56.883.8807.0023.0007.0001.5010.50
Clint Bowyer55.636.6308.0021.0012.5001.5012.50
Martin Truex Jr52.507.0010.0021.5011.5005.0011.00
Denny Hamlin51.6313.1305.5004.0015.0022.5008.00
Erik Jones48.256.7508.5014.5006.0015.0014.00
Daniel Suarez46.889.8810.0013.0014.5010.5011.00
Chase Elliott43.1313.6311.0007.5018.5017.5009.00
William Byron42.759.7511.0011.0010.5018.0010.50
Ricky Stenhouse Jr37.382.8811.0012.5004.5002.5012.00
Jimmie Johnson37.2512.2512.0005.0009.5030.0011.00
Alex Bowman36.003.5014.5017.5007.0000.0017.00
Ryan Newman33.000.5017.5023.5001.0000.0017.50
Brad Keselowski30.138.6319.0015.5013.0008.5019.50
Chris Buescher29.750.7519.0023.0001.5000.0018.00
Paul Menard26.251.7517.0014.5003.5000.0015.50
Matt DiBenedetto24.001.0023.5026.0002.0000.0022.50
Ryan Preece22.750.2523.5025.5000.5000.0025.50
Austin Dillon19.635.1317.0004.5008.5003.5014.50
Corey Lajoie19.500.0027.5030.5000.0000.0028.50
Ross Chastain18.500.0031.0036.5000.0000.0031.00
Matt Tifft18.000.0029.0032.0000.0000.0029.00
Michael McDowell14.500.0022.5015.5000.0000.0021.00
Landon Cassill14.250.7531.0031.5001.5000.0032.50
Ryan Blaney13.3815.3829.5013.0019.5022.5020.00
Bubba Wallace11.000.5024.5015.5001.0000.0023.00
Kyle Larson9.001.5025.5014.5003.0000.0022.50
David Ragan8.250.2526.5017.0000.5000.0024.00
Ty Dillon5.750.2525.0011.5000.5000.0024.00
Daniel Hemric-5.001.0028.0006.0002.0000.0021.50

Statistics Including Atlanta

DriverDK Pts Per RaceDK Dominator Pts Per RaceAvg. FinishAvg. StartAvg Fastest Laps Per RaceAvg. Laps Led Per RaceAvg. Running Position
Kevin Harvick75.4228.0805.3314.0034.0044.3306.33
Kurt Busch64.179.5005.6722.0015.0008.0010.00
Kyle Busch62.5822.9206.3308.3332.6726.3308.33
Martin Truex Jr58.0011.3307.3317.3320.3304.6708.67
Aric Almirola52.927.9207.3315.6709.3313.0010.67
Joey Logano52.8320.1713.6715.0021.0038.6708.33
Clint Bowyer50.085.0807.0015.0009.6701.0011.00
Brad Keselowski48.8313.1713.0016.6718.0016.6716.00
Erik Jones47.504.8308.0014.6704.6710.0013.67
Denny Hamlin43.759.4207.3304.0011.3315.0008.33
Daniel Suarez40.926.5810.0010.3309.6707.0011.33
Chris Buescher38.670.6715.6725.3301.3300.0017.67
Chase Elliott38.259.2513.6712.3312.6711.6710.67
William Byron37.836.8313.0013.0007.6712.0013.00
Kyle Larson35.8321.8321.0012.0020.0047.3317.00
Alex Bowman34.002.3314.6717.0004.6700.0017.00
Ryan Newman32.500.5016.0020.0001.0000.0016.33
Ricky Stenhouse Jr29.503.1713.3309.0005.3302.0013.67
Paul Menard27.671.3316.0014.3302.6700.0016.33
Jimmie Johnson27.338.3316.0007.0006.6720.0015.33
Ryan Blaney23.8316.5027.0017.3318.6728.6716.00
Matt DiBenedetto20.170.8324.3324.0001.6700.0023.33
Matt Tifft18.330.0028.6731.6700.0000.0029.33
Corey Lajoie17.671.3328.0028.3302.6700.0029.00
Ross Chastain17.330.3331.0035.0000.6700.0031.67
David Ragan17.170.1723.0019.0000.3300.0023.33
Austin Dillon17.083.4218.3306.3305.6702.3317.67
Ryan Preece14.830.1727.3325.3300.3300.0023.67
Bubba Wallace13.670.3325.3320.0000.6700.0024.67
Landon Cassill12.500.5032.0032.0001.0000.0033.33
Daniel Hemric9.002.3325.3313.3304.6700.0019.67
Ty Dillon9.000.3325.0014.6700.6700.0025.00
Michael McDowell4.330.6727.3314.3301.3300.0023.67

Kansas Digital Ally 400 DraftKings Projections

You can click the headers below to sort the chart by that attribute. By default it is sorted by average projected FPTS.

DriverStarting PositionDraftKings SalaryAvg Proj FPTSAvg. Projected FinishProj Laps LedDollar Per FPT
Kevin Harvick1$10,60068.501.8101$155
Martin Truex Jr31$11,40064.206.811$178
Chase Elliott32$11,00060.510.421$182
Aric Almirola33$8,10059.808.60$135
Joey Logano30$10,20059.608.611$171
Kyle Larson35$8,70057.611.24$151
Kyle Busch8$11,90056.003.844$213
Daniel Suarez34$8,00044.017.00$182
Kurt Busch9$9,60041.306.66$232
Ryan Blaney13$9,30038.710.26$240
Clint Bowyer2$8,50036.507.421$233
Brad Keselowski4$9,90035.608.216$278
Erik Jones6$8,90034.409.816$259
Denny Hamlin11$9,10034.210.40$266
Austin Dillon15$7,50029.814.60$252
Michael McDowell37$5,60028.626.20$196
Ty Dillon36$6,60027.226.40$243
Ricky Stenhouse Jr14$7,30026.815.60$272
Alex Bowman5$7,00024.613.28$285
Ryan Newman19$7,80024.619.20$317
Paul Menard10$7,10022.016.00$323
Jimmie Johnson12$8,30020.817.60$399
Chris Buescher18$7,60019.621.20$388
Landon Cassill38$5,00019.631.20$255
Tyler Reddick21$6,30017.423.80$362
David Ragan24$5,50017.225.40$320
Ryan Preece22$6,10016.025.00$381
Joey Gase40$4,90013.635.20$360
Daniel Hemric17$6,00012.624.20$476
Matt DiBenedetto20$6,80009.627.20$708
Timmy Hill39$4,60009.037.00$511
William Byron3$6,50007.919.82$823
Matt Tifft26$5,30007.631.20$697
Ross Chastain27$5,80007.431.80$784
Corey Lajoie16$5,20001.629.20$3,250
Bubba Wallace7$5,90000.625.20$9,833
Bayley Currey23$4,70000.633.20$7,833
Quin Houff25$4,50000.234.40$22,500
Reed Sorenson29$5,10000.236.40$25,500
As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.