Another 1.5-mile track is upon us, as the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway is set to close out Round 2 of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs this weekend. Before we get to analyze the practice speeds and everything else, though, let’s take a look at how these drivers have performed on similar tracks this season.

So far in 2019, we’ve raced at these 1.5-mile tracks: Atlanta, Las Vegas (twice), Kansas, Charlotte, Chicagoland, and Kentucky. For this post’s purpose, we’re excluding Atlanta from the statistical calculations because of the track surface (it’s very old and rough with tire wear coming into play majorly) as well as the fact that we weren’t running the “new” NASCAR package fully in that race.

DraftKings Bargains and Busts for the Hollywood Casino 400

Let me quickly explain how this chart works. First, I started with the driver listing from DraftKings and literally ranked them 1 through 40 depending on price level. I then looked at different statistics from the 1.5-mile tracks this season, and ranked those drivers accordingly. Those statistics are: DraftKings Points scored per race, Average Running Position in those five races, Average Finish over those five races, and Average DraftKings Dominator Points per race. So, for example, the driver with the best average finish over those five races got a ranking of 1, while the worst got a ranking of 40. The driver with the most average DK Pts over those five races got a ranking a 1 in that category, the driver with the least per race got a ranking of 40. And so on and so forth. If there were any ties, the rankings were added together and divided by the number of drivers tied, and they were all given the same ranking.

Once those rankings were done, I averaged the four rankings to create the Avg Rank (column 5 in the table below), and then subtracting that Avg Rank from the Price Rank. This, essentially, gives us Bargains and Busts based on this season’s 1.5-mile data; a higher number in column 1 (Price Rank – Avg Rank) says that that driver is a bargain at his price, while a lower number says he’s probably not worth the price tag.

PRICE RANK - AVG RANKDriverKAN2 DK SalaryPrice RankAvg RankDK Pts RankAvg Run. Pos. RankAvg Finish RankAvg. Dom. Pts Rank
10.00Ricky Stenhouse Jr$7,0002111.0012101116
08.67Chris Buescher$6,7002314.339211324
08.00Aric Almirola$7,8001608.00107717
06.00Parker Kligerman$5,0003529.0023323222
05.67David Ragan$5,5003125.3325262528
05.33Alex Bowman$8,6001206.6751236
05.17William Byron$8,2001408.83134.5910
05.00Matt Tifft$5,2003328.0024303040
04.33Joey Logano$9,800601.671313
03.33Michael McDowell$5,8002925.6729242425
03.00Josh Bilicki$4,7003835.0033363630
02.67Jimmie Johnson$8,0001512.331811814
02.67Daniel Suarez$7,5001815.3316151511
02.33Chase Elliott$10,100502.674225
02.17Paul Menard$6,9002219.832019.52021
01.67JJ Yeley$5,1003432.3328353430
01.33Corey Lajoie$5,9002826.6722312737.5
00.83Ryan Newman$7,3001918.171719.51823
00.00Timmy Hill$4,5003939.0039393930
-00.67Reed Sorenson$4,9003636.6736373736
-00.67Joey Gase$4,8003737.6737383839
-01.00Kevin Harvick$11,000203.003151
-01.00Martin Truex Jr$10,800304.002644
-01.00Kurt Busch$9,0001011.00118149
-01.00Bubba Wallace$6,1002728.0031272633
-01.33Ty Dillon$6,2002627.3326282826
-02.67Ross Chastain$5,6003032.6732333335
-02.67Landon Cassill$5,3003234.6735343534
-03.00Brad Keselowski$9,600710.00713107
-03.67Denny Hamlin$10,500407.6789612
-04.00Austin Dillon$7,2002024.0034162219
-04.00Daniel Hemric$6,6002428.0038232320
-04.33Ryan Preece$6,4002529.3330292937.5
-04.83Erik Jones$8,4001317.83152216.515
-06.50Kyle Busch$11,400107.5064.5122
-06.83Kyle Larson$9,400814.83141416.518
-08.33Clint Bowyer$8,8001119.3321181913
-10.00Ryan Blaney$9,200919.001917218
-10.67Matt DiBenedetto$7,6001727.6727253127

DraftKings Statistics to Determine Bargains and Busts

DriverKAN2 DK SalaryDK Pts Per RaceAvg Running PositionAvg FinishAvg. Dom. Pts
Joey Logano$9,80061.5010.5707.7117.21
Martin Truex Jr$10,80060.9311.0009.8616.07
Kevin Harvick$11,00056.8907.5710.4328.04
Chase Elliott$10,10055.3910.1408.5714.25
Alex Bowman$8,60054.5412.5708.8613.25
Kyle Busch$11,40053.5410.8612.7123.96
Brad Keselowski$9,60043.5714.1412.2911.00
Denny Hamlin$10,50040.4611.8611.2907.32
Chris Buescher$6,70040.1117.0014.2900.96
Aric Almirola$7,80039.2911.1411.4303.57
Kurt Busch$9,00037.7511.5714.4309.04
Ricky Stenhouse Jr$7,00036.8912.2912.5703.61
William Byron$8,20036.6410.8612.0007.64
Kyle Larson$9,40036.2514.5715.1402.96
Erik Jones$8,40036.0018.2915.1405.29
Daniel Suarez$7,50035.6814.8614.8607.54
Ryan Newman$7,30035.2916.5715.7101.00
Jimmie Johnson$8,00034.7912.4311.8605.50
Ryan Blaney$9,20031.8915.1418.2909.32
Paul Menard$6,90028.2116.5716.8601.50
Clint Bowyer$8,80026.7115.4316.1405.57
Corey Lajoie$5,90022.4327.7125.0000.14
Parker Kligerman$5,00022.3328.0028.0001.33
Matt Tifft$5,20021.6827.2926.4300.11
David Ragan$5,50017.2524.2924.1400.54
Ty Dillon$6,20016.7925.5725.4300.79
Matt DiBenedetto$7,60016.7523.7126.5700.75
JJ Yeley$5,10016.5033.0032.0000.50
Michael McDowell$5,80016.4622.1423.1400.89
Ryan Preece$6,40016.4325.7125.5700.14
Bubba Wallace$6,10016.2924.5724.8600.43
Ross Chastain$5,60015.1831.0031.0000.32
Josh Bilicki$4,70014.5034.0033.0000.50
Austin Dillon$7,20012.7915.0020.2902.93
Landon Cassill$5,30011.9332.8632.5700.36
Reed Sorenson$4,90011.1735.0034.3300.17
Joey Gase$4,80009.8837.2536.5000.13
Daniel Hemric$6,60008.9619.4322.1401.54
Timmy Hill$4,50006.5038.5038.5000.50

Adjusted Bargains and Busts Rankings

Below is the same general rankings chart as the one two spots above, but in this one the worst performance for each driver in the statistical categories has been removed. Think of this as a “mulligan” of sorts if a driver had an off-night in that five-race span.

PRICE RANK - AVG RANKDriverKAN2 DK SalaryPrice RankAvg RankDK Pts RankAvg Run. Pos. RankAvg Finish RankAvg. Dom. Pts Rank
08.50Ricky Stenhouse Jr$7,0002112.5014101016
06.50Parker Kligerman$5,0003326.5022323220
05.63Alex Bowman$8,6001206.38611.526
04.75David Ragan$5,5003126.2525262529
04.13Chris Buescher$6,7002318.88122217.524
03.63Joey Logano$9,800602.3823.513
03.50Michael McDowell$5,8002925.5029242425
03.25Aric Almirola$7,8001612.75138.512.517
02.88William Byron$8,2001411.1315612.511
02.63Daniel Suarez$7,5001815.38171717.510
02.50Jimmie Johnson$8,0001512.501613714
02.50Timmy Hill$4,5003633.5036363626
01.75Matt Tifft$5,2003230.2524303136
01.13Kurt Busch$9,0001008.8888.5109
00.88Chase Elliott$10,100504.1353.535
00.75Paul Menard$6,9002221.2521212122
00.50Reed Sorenson$4,9003433.5034343432
00.25Joey Gase$4,8003534.7535353534
-00.50Brad Keselowski$9,600707.50711.54.57
-00.63Martin Truex Jr$10,800303.63154.54
-00.75Kevin Harvick$11,000202.753161
-00.88Corey Lajoie$5,9002828.88233127.534
-01.00Daniel Hemric$6,6002425.0033232321
-01.00Ryan Newman$7,3001920.0018201923
-01.00Ty Dillon$6,2002627.0027282627
-01.13Bubba Wallace$6,1002728.13282727.530
-01.25Erik Jones$8,4001314.259191415
-02.25Ross Chastain$5,6003032.2532333331
-02.50Austin Dillon$7,2002022.5031182219
-03.00Kyle Busch$11,400104.004282
-05.00Clint Bowyer$8,8001116.0020151613
-05.75Ryan Preece$6,4002530.7530293034
-06.00Denny Hamlin$10,500410.001171012
-06.25Kyle Larson$9,400814.2510141518
-06.75Ryan Blaney$9,200915.751916208
-10.00Matt DiBenedetto$7,6001727.0026252928

Adjusted Statistics to Determine Bargains and Busts

DriverKAN2 DK SalaryDK Pts Per RaceAvg Running PositionAvg FinishAvg. Dom. Pts
Martin Truex Jr$10,80068.7509.6708.3318.75
Joey Logano$9,80067.8308.8306.1719.83
Kevin Harvick$11,00065.0406.8308.5032.21
Kyle Busch$11,40062.0008.5009.8327.13
Chase Elliott$10,10058.8808.8307.5016.54
Alex Bowman$8,60057.9611.1707.3315.21
Brad Keselowski$9,60053.0811.1708.3312.58
Kurt Busch$9,00048.5410.6710.3310.29
Erik Jones$8,40045.3314.8311.006.17
Kyle Larson$9,40044.2112.5011.173.46
Denny Hamlin$10,50043.2110.5010.338.38
Chris Buescher$6,70042.7116.3313.331.13
Aric Almirola$7,80041.6710.6710.674.00
Ricky Stenhouse Jr$7,00041.4611.0010.334.13
William Byron$8,20041.0810.0010.678.42
Jimmie Johnson$8,00040.7511.3308.836.33
Daniel Suarez$7,50039.0814.0013.338.54
Ryan Newman$7,30038.3315.5014.331.17
Ryan Blaney$9,20038.2913.8315.1710.88
Clint Bowyer$8,80035.0813.1712.676.42
Paul Menard$6,90031.4215.8315.671.75
Parker Kligerman$5,00025.7527.5026.502.00
Corey Lajoie$5,90023.6727.1724.170.17
Matt Tifft$5,20023.4626.5025.170.13
David Ragan$5,50021.0423.1723.330.63
Matt DiBenedetto$7,60020.8821.5024.500.88
Ty Dillon$6,20020.5024.1723.830.92
Bubba Wallace$6,10020.1724.0024.170.50
Michael McDowell$5,80019.2121.3322.001.04
Ryan Preece$6,40018.1725.3324.670.17
Austin Dillon$7,20018.0014.3317.833.42
Ross Chastain$5,60016.4630.5030.170.38
Daniel Hemric$6,60012.8819.0020.331.79
Reed Sorenson$4,90012.8034.6033.800.20
Joey Gase$4,80011.8337.0036.000.17
Timmy Hill$4,5007.0038.0038.001.00
As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.