Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions below to find an answer to your question.

How do I change my team name / username?

You can't change your team name / username unless you delete your current account and re-register with a new one. Click here to contact us to to get that process started.

I can't remember my password.

Is there live scoring?

No, there is no live scoring.

Why isn't my Slingshot team showing up in a private league?

All Slingshot teams are posted on the memberlist page, but this is not done automatically. This page is typically updated one a day in the evening. Thank you for your patience.

Will I be able to see other team's picks?

Yes, all team's picks will be posted soon after the race starts.

When will race results be posted?

Results are typically posted within 30 minutes of NASCAR's official results. This could be delayed a bit in 2019 because of the new post-race qualifying procedures.

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