I’m a sucker for a good paint scheme, let’s just make that clear right now.

So when Hooters allowed fans to vote on on the new paint scheme for Chase Elliott’s #9 Chevrolet in the 2020 season, it was pretty much a guarantee I’d be a big Chase fan if the best one got picked. Here were the options:

If we’re ranking these, the black car in the bottom left is by far and above the best. I’d put the top left with the black number 9 as second, and then the bottom right in 3rd and the top right last.

This week, Hooters unveiled the winner of this contest and I think we can all rejoice in the best choice winning here. Because WOW that black car is amazing. Just look at it!

Chase Elliott 2020 Hooters Black Paint Scheme
Photo Credit: Lionel Racing

Now, combine that with Chase’s new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar paint scheme, and as far as the look of the car, it’s hard to find any other team that even comes close to the fire that this #9 crew is going to be rocking in 2020.

Chase Elliott Mountain Dew Zero Sugar 2020 Paint Scheme
Photo Credit: Hendrick Motorsports

Unfortunately, Chase has some other paint schemes to run this year, but we know for a fact that that Hooters car will be on the track for three races. As far as the Mountain Dew car goes, I can’t find how many races we’ll be seeing that beauty, but it’s going to be on-track at some point this season, that’s all that matters here.

I’ve been a Chase Elliott fan ever since he put Denny Hamlin into the wall at Phoenix back in 2017, after Hamlin purposely wrecked Chase at Martinsville a few weeks prior but was too much of a coward to admit it. Now with these beautiful paint schemes in 2020, I’ll be rooting even harder for the #9 Chevrolet on race days.

P.S. Coca-Cola, can we PLEASE get a black and red Coke Zero car?

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