Over $12,000

Over $12,000in prize money last year

With Fantasy NASCAR pool contests, the total amount of prizes grow with the number of teams playing the game. The bigger the pool gets, the bigger the prizes.
Can you put together the best 8-car fantasy team?

Draft Your Team For 2020

Join the Salary Cap Challenge pool and draft the best 8-car team for the 2020 NASCAR season.

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How To Win

There are a few ways to take home prize money in this pool. By having the highest score in one of the 36 races, you get $30.00. Also, the top 40 teams for the entire season take home cash prizes. Those amounts are determined by the number of teams in the pool.

2020 Prize Structure for the Salary Cap Challenge

Game Growth By Year

  • 2020 = 102 teams (and counting...)
  • 2019 = 442 teams registered
  • 2018 = 308 teams registered
  • 2017 = 221 teams registered
  • 2016 = 249 teams registered
  • 2015 = 171 teams registered

Estimated Prizes

The Salary Cap Challenge continues to grow each year and is one of the most popular NASCAR Fantasy Pool contests around. Click the button below to estimate the prizes based on the number of teams.

Prizes are determined based on the amount of participating teams in the pool. The higher number of teams registered, the higher the prizes will be. Below you will find a detailed chart that shows the approx. amount prizes will be. These amounts will be updated as the start of the game nears, and will not decrease, they will only increase.

The “Prize Pot” referenced in the chart is calculated by taking the number of registered teams multiplied by $30.00, and then subtracting $1,080 (for the Weekly Win prizes). So, if there are 442 teams in the pool--as there were in 2019--the "Prize Pot" would be $12,360, as ($30 x 442 = $13,260) minus $1,080 = $12,360. The “Places” below will be determined based on the ‘Standings Calculation’ section within the Official Rules.

Weekly Prizes = $1,080 ($30 x 36 races)
Charity (NASCAR Foundation) = 2.5% of Prize Pot
1st Place10% of Prize Pot|8th Place3.5% of Prize Pot|15th Place1.75% of Prize Pot
2nd Place7.5% of Prize Pot|9th Place3.25% of Prize Pot|16th - 20th Place1.5% of Prize Pot (each)
3rd Place5% of Prize Pot|10th Place3% of Prize Pot|21st - 25th Place1.25% of Prize Pot (each)
4th Place4.5% of Prize Pot|11th Place2.75% of Prize Pot|26th - 30th Place1% of Prize Pot (each)
5th Place4.25% of Prize Pot|12th Place2.5% of Prize Pot|31st - 35th Place0.75% of Prize Pot (each)
6th Place4% of Prize Pot|13th Place2.25% of Prize Pot|36th - 40th Place0.5% of Prize Pot (each)
7th Place3.75% of Prize Pot|14th Place2% of Prize Pot|Payment Processing
& Admin Fees
12.5% of Prize Pot

2020 Salary Cap Challenge Driver Salaries

*Driver names are included for informational purposes only. Scoring is based on car number.*

Salary Cap for Roster = $1,500
Each roster must have 7 "regular cars" plus one "All Star Car" (salary cost doubled) for a total of 8.

DriverSalary DriverSalary DriverSalary
#18 Toyota (Kyle Busch)$200.00#88 Chevy (Bowman)$162.50#13 Chevy (T. Dillon)$115.00
#4 Ford (Harvick)$197.50#14 Ford (Bowyer)$160.00#37 Chevy (Preece)$112.50
#19 Toyota (Truex)$195.00#48 Chevy (Johnson)$157.50#43 Chevy (Wallace)$110.00
#22 Ford (Logano)$190.00#10 Ford (Almirola)$155.00#34 Ford (McDowell)$105.00
#11 Toyota (Hamlin)$187.50#6 Ford (Newman)$150.00#38 Ford (J.H. Nemechek)$102.50
#9 Chevy (Elliott)$185.00#95 Toyota (Bell)$140.00#32 Ford (LaJoie)$100.00
#2 Ford (Keselowski)$180.00#41 Ford (Custer)$137.50#96 Toyota (TBA)$97.50
#12 Ford (Blaney)$177.50#3 Chevy (A. Dillon)$135.00#15 Chevy (Poole)$95.00
#42 Chevy (Larson)$175.00#21 Ford (DiBenedetto)$132.50#00 Chevy (Houff)$92.50
#20 Toyota (Jones)$172.50#17 Ford (Buescher)$127.50#51 Chevy (TBA)$87.50
#24 Chevy (Byron)$167.50#47 Chevy (Stenhouse)$125.00#52 Chevy (TBA)$85.00
#1 Chevy (Kurt Busch)$165.00#8 Chevy (Reddick)$120.00#77 Chevy (TBA)$82.50
#53 Chevy (TBA)$80.00

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Quick Scoring Guide

*Please see official rules below for full scoring explanation.*
The "All Star Car" points are doubled.
Pole Sitter = 5 points
Win From Pole = 5 points
Most Laps Led = 10 points
Lap Led = 1 point
Final Race Finish
1st100 points9th64 points17th48 points25th32 points33rd16 points
2nd78 points10th62 points18th46 points26th30 points34th14 points
3rd76 points11th60 points19th44 points27th28 points35th12 points
4th74 points12th58 points20th42 points28th26 points36th10 points
5th72 points13th56 points21st40 points29th24 points37th8 points
6th70 points14th54 points22nd38 points30th22 points38th6 points
7th68 points15th52 points23rd36 points31st20 points39th4 points
8th66 points16th50 points24th34 points32nd18 points40th2 points
Stage Finish (Each)
1st10 points3rd8 points5th6 points7th4 points9th2 points
2nd9 points4th7 points6th5 points8th3 points10th1 point

Official Rules for the Salary Cap Challenge

Just so we're all on the same page, let's make sure you know how to play the game.

Overall League Rules & How To Play

  • The entry fee is $30.00 per team. There is no limit on the number of entries that a player submits.
  • The Salary Cap Challenge is scheduled to run from February 16, 2020 through November 8, 2020.
  • Only the 36 points-paying Cup races are used in this contest.
  • Each team will submit a “Roster” prior to the start of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season. Deadline for entry is February 16, 2019 at 2:30 pm ET. If a team would like to change their “Roster” prior to the deadline, they can do so without penalty by re-submitting a roster. The number of these “Changes” allowed are limited to two (2).
  • Each “Roster” will consist of a total of eight (8) car numbers–seven (7) ‘regular’ and one (1) “All Star Car,” which costs double the salary and scores double the points each week. There can be no duplicate car numbers on a “Roster,” there must be eight (8) different car numbers on each team.
  • To build a “Roster,” each team must stay at or below a $1,500.00 salary cap with each car number being assigned a salary. As mentioned before, the “All Star Car” costs double its ‘normal’ salary.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that there are no duplicate car numbers on their roster. If a roster is submitted with duplicate car numbers, the first duplicate will be replaced with a car number that has the highest salary that is not also a duplicate while still staying underneath the salary cap. If a ‘regular’ car number and the ‘All Star Car’ are duplicates, the ‘regular’ car number will be the one that is replaced.
  • Each team is allowed up to three (3) car changes during the first half of the season. Requests for a car change must be made before the start of the 19th points-paying race of the season (June 28, 2020). A “car change” is considered a drop of one car number currently on your team’s roster replaced with another car number not already on your team. The switching of a current ‘regular’ car and the All Star car is also considered a “car change.” With all “car changes,” the team must stay at or below the $1,500.00 salary cap.


  • Each “Roster” will accumulate points in each of the 36 Cup Series points-paying races during the 2020 season, starting with the Daytona 500. Points are awarded based on car number, not driver name, so if there is a substitution or change during the year, you shouldn't be negatively effected as long as the car number itself is still racing.
  • Car numbers will receive points based on their finishing position in each race. Please see the "Quick Scoring Guide" chart above for how points are awarded.
  • Fantasy points will be awarded to drivers each race based on the two first “Stages” of the race, which are set by NASCAR. The 1st place finisher of each “Stage” will receive ten (10) fantasy points, 2nd place will receive nine (9) fantasy points, etc. down to 10th, which will receive one (1) fantasy point. This is only for the first two “Stages” (three for any race that has four total “Stages,” such as the Coca-Cola 600)–the final finishing order of the race will receive fantasy points as outlined above.
  • If a car number leads any number of laps in a race, it will receive one (1) additional fantasy point.
  • If a car number leads the most laps in a race, it will receive ten (10) additional fantasy points. If two or more car numbers tie for the most laps led, they will all receive the ten (10) additional fantasy points.
  • The car number that wins the pole for each race will receive five (5) additional fantasy points. If qualifying is rained out or cancelled, the car number starting 1st for the race will receive the fantasy points.
  • If a car number wins the race from the pole, it will receive an additional five (5) fantasy points.
  • Any penalties accrued by a driver or team will not be considered in this fantasy game, EXCEPT for post-race penalties of car(s) failing inspection. Finishes and points will go off of NASCAR's official finishing positions posted. These penalties could also affect Stage points.
  • The “Weekly Score” for each team during each eligible race will be calculated by adding together all of the fantasy points that the car numbers on the team have scored for that race. The fantasy points from the “All Star Car” on each team will be doubled in this calculation.

Standings Calculation & Tiebreakers

  • Each team will earn fantasy points based on the “Scoring” rules above. All scores for each team will be added together for a cumulative total (“Standings”), which will be updated after each points-paying race.
  • There are no dropped scores. The team with the highest amount of points accumulated over the course of the 2020 season will be named the “2020 Salary Cap Challenge Champion.”
  • If there is a tie among teams for prize money, the prizes for the tied spot as well as the next prize(s) will be added together and split evenly between the teams. For example, if there is a two-way tie between two teams for 1st place, the 1st- and 2nd-place prizes will be added together and split evenly between the two teams. If there is a three-way tie for 1st place, the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place prizes will be added together and split evenly between the three teams. Etc. The next team in the Standings will then earn their respective prize, so if there's a 2-way tie for 1st, the next team will finish and earn the prize for 3rd, since the two tying teams got the 1st- and 2nd-place prizes.
THIS IS A GAME OF SKILL. WINNERS WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE CRITERIA SET FORTH WITHIN THE GAME RULES. To enter any game on Fantasy Racing Online, you must be a person at least 18 years of age or older and located in a state, territory, or province in which participation in these games is unrestricted by law. Void where prohibited by law.