After a wild race at Darlington to kick off the Playoffs, the NASCAR Cup Series is on to RIchmond Raceway and Jordan McAbee and Nick Giffen (a.k.a. “RotoDoc”) are here to break down Saturday night’s race, along with overall betting strategies they both use to make money every year. Other topics discussed:

  • 0:55 – Was Darlington actually a good race?
  • 22:40 – Was the Kyle Busch penalty the right call?
  • 41:20 – Betting Strategy discussion for optimal cards
  • 1:03:45 – Ryan Blaney sucks at Richmond
  • 1:15:15 – Richmond Preview. We know who is good at this race track. Don’t overthink it.

You can listen below by using that embedded player or listen on:

As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.