It’s been a while, but we’re back to racing at a 1.5-mile track! After three straight races at tracks of this size back in July, we haven’t visited one since, but that will change on Sunday evening with the South Point 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now, we have already raced at Las Vegas once this season, with the Pennzoil 400 back in February. That race really set the tone for how the 1.5-mile tracks would go this year, as a late caution stole a win from Ryan Blaney and also allowed for some surprise names up top.

Below I will be providing statistics specific to performance on 1.5-mile tracks. We have now had eight races at 1.5-mile tracks during the 2020 season:

  1. Las Vegas (February 23)
  2. Charlotte (May 24)
  3. Charlotte-2 (May 28)
  4. Atlanta (June 7)
  5. Homestead (June 14)
  6. Kentucky (July 12)
  7. Texas (July 19)
  8. Kansas (July 23)

Below you will find a chart that shows various averages for each driver over these eight races, including average finish, average DraftKings points scored, average DraftKings dominator points, average starting position, average fastest laps, and average laps led.

After that you will find a very similar chart, but that one only shows the averages for the following races: Las Vegas, the two Charlotte events, Kentucky, Texas, and Kansas. This chart is shown because Atlanta and Homestead are significantly different than the other tracks in this data sample, as they are “high wear” with major tire fall off. Plus Homestead isn’t shaped like a normal 1.5-mile track.

***NOTE: These averages were done using the DraftKngs finishing order from the first Charlotte race before Johnson was disqualified, so he was credited with his 2nd-place finish***

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The Top Drivers on All 1.5-Mile Tracks This Season

DriverAvg. FinishAvg. DraftKings PtsAvg. DK Dominator PtsAvg. StartAvg. Fastest LapsAvg. Laps Led
Brad Keselowski06.7548.6909.6908.1312.7513.25
Ryan Blaney07.2563.0622.8110.7528.3834.50
Kevin Harvick08.0056.9420.3108.2517.7545.75
Kurt Busch10.3838.3406.4708.6309.5006.88
Martin Truex Jr10.6352.9121.9108.2527.0033.63
Austin Dillon10.7540.1602.0315.2502.6302.88
Tyler Reddick10.7548.0005.2520.2510.0001.00
Chase Elliott10.8847.9117.1608.1322.5023.63
Denny Hamlin11.0047.3413.8410.7514.8825.63
Kyle Busch11.6335.6608.6606.2512.2510.13
Aric Almirola12.8841.2211.5911.3813.0020.38
Joey Logano13.8832.5011.1304.7509.2526.00
Jimmie Johnson14.6336.6303.8818.0007.3800.75
Matt DiBenedetto16.2530.2502.1316.6303.1302.25
Clint Bowyer17.2530.8104.3117.0005.0007.25
Cole Custer17.2534.8400.9724.0001.6300.63
Christopher Bell17.6334.4400.5625.1301.1300.00
Erik Jones17.8829.6605.2816.1310.1300.88
Alex Bowman18.8828.8414.4708.1315.1327.63
William Byron19.3825.3805.3814.7508.1305.25
Chris Buescher20.5019.6901.5615.1303.1300.00
Ryan Newman21.0021.6400.7918.8601.5700.00
Matt Kenseth21.4320.5001.9317.4303.8600.00
Ricky Stenhouse Jr21.5022.9701.9720.0002.0003.88
John H. Nemechek21.6323.5300.9121.8801.7500.13
Michael McDowell21.7527.9100.5326.8801.0000.13
Corey Lajoie22.5027.2500.5027.7501.0000.00
Ty Dillon23.2525.6300.1328.0000.2500.00
Bubba Wallace24.2517.8800.2522.1300.5000.00
Daniel Suarez27.0025.8100.1935.6300.3800.00
Ryan Preece30.7511.0300.4128.1300.7500.13
Brennan Poole31.0013.6900.3131.3800.6300.00
Quin Houff32.2510.6900.0631.1300.1300.00

The Top Drivers on Low Wear 1.5-Mile Tracks This Season

DriverAvg. FinishAvg. DraftKings PtsAvg. DK Dominator PtsAvg. StartAvg. Fastest LapsAvg. Laps Led
Brad Keselowski05.8352.6710.5009.3312.6716.67
Kevin Harvick06.1757.2117.2108.3316.5035.83
Ryan Blaney08.5061.7523.4211.3329.8334.00
Kurt Busch10.0039.2507.4207.8310.3309.00
Tyler Reddick11.0043.7902.7919.0005.1700.83
Austin Dillon11.3338.8802.0415.0002.1703.83
Martin Truex Jr11.6750.7521.9208.1726.8334.00
Joey Logano12.3336.2110.8805.5007.5028.50
Chase Elliott12.8346.1717.5009.8323.6722.67
Aric Almirola13.5042.3814.0411.3314.5027.17
Denny Hamlin13.6739.0809.4212.5013.1711.33
Kyle Busch14.1731.1708.5007.0011.0012.00
Matt DiBenedetto15.1730.6702.1714.8302.8303.00
Jimmie Johnson15.6737.5004.8320.0009.1701.00
Erik Jones15.6732.8803.5416.6706.5001.17
Cole Custer16.1734.2901.1321.0001.8300.83
Clint Bowyer17.8329.0000.8319.8301.6700.00
William Byron18.8326.0807.0812.6710.6707.00
Christopher Bell19.1729.0800.4223.0000.8300.00
Chris Buescher19.8321.8301.6715.8303.3300.00
Alex Bowman20.1730.5418.7108.1719.0036.83
Ryan Newman20.6023.9000.9020.2001.8000.00
Corey Lajoie20.6731.7500.5828.5001.1700.00
Ty Dillon21.5028.5000.1727.3300.3300.00
John H. Nemechek21.8324.7101.2123.1702.3300.17
Matt Kenseth22.0018.1001.5016.6003.0000.00
Michael McDowell22.5024.1300.2924.8300.5000.17
Ricky Stenhouse Jr23.1719.7102.2119.8301.8305.17
Daniel Suarez25.6728.0000.1735.1700.3300.00
Bubba Wallace26.6713.7500.2522.8300.5000.00
Brennan Poole31.0014.0800.4231.6700.8300.00
Quin Houff32.1710.2500.0830.5000.1700.00
Ryan Preece32.6705.8800.0427.1700.0000.17

The Fastest Cars (Green Flag Speed) on All 1.5-Mile Tracks This Season

Current Driver
Season Avg Ranking
02-Las Vegas
#12 FordBlaney4.4101157371
#9 ChevyElliott7.315131065234
#4 FordHarvick8.08713925155
#22 FordLogano8.51942610693
#19 ToyotaTruex9.423021411718
#2 FordKeselowski9.8417715941210
#1 ChevyKurt Busch11.01411619881111
#21 FordDiBenedetto11.37158213141912
#18 ToyotaKyle Busch11.6581911323816
#88 ChevyBowman11.61316917121826
#10 FordAlmirola11.81153716251413
#20 ToyotaJones12.89121781413623
#24 ChevyByron12.81920181028142
#11 ToyotaHamlin13.83132036103520
#48 ChevyJohnson14.82331524111257
#8 ChevyReddick14.9121816417201319
#14 FordBowyer16.021611164213118
#47 ChevyStenhouse16.36329231592322
#3 ChevyA. Dillon16.43019141221111014
#17 FordBuescher16.9162152025241617
#42 ChevyKenseth19.424232127197259
#41 FordCuster20.0204122523262228
#95 ToyotaBell20.82222221318191733
#37 ChevyPreece21.81810272224282421
#6 FordNewman22.12821252820221815
#34 FordMcDowell23.1272524126292627
#38 FordNemechek23.52626262127152126
#43 ChevyWallace23.61724281822272924
#32 FordLaJoie27.02527313029162830
#13 ChevyT. Dillon27.92929232930312725
#96 ToyotaSuarez30.33128303232303029
#15 ChevyPoole32.83232323331383232
#77 ChevySorenson33.33433343737352036
#00 ChevyHouff35.33735373436333634
#53 FordSmithley36.438393535353835
#66 ToyotaHill37.83640383640344038
#51 FordGase38.13938363839393937

The Fastest Cars (Green Flag Speed) on Low Wear 1.5-Mile Tracks This Season

Current Driver
Season Avg Ranking
02-Las Vegas
#12 FordBlaney3.81011371
#22 FordLogano5.3194693
#9 ChevyElliott7.8151310234
#4 FordHarvick8.887135155
#2 FordKeselowski9.0417741210
#19 ToyotaTruex10.023021718
#1 ChevyKurt Busch10.21411681111
#88 ChevyBowman10.7131691826
#24 ChevyByron10.7192018142
#10 FordAlmirola11.81153251413
#21 FordDiBenedetto12.57158141912
#18 ToyotaKyle Busch13.2581923816
#20 ToyotaJones13.39121713623
#48 ChevyJohnson13.8233151257
#17 FordBuescher15.016215241617
#47 ChevyStenhouse15.3632992322
#8 ChevyReddick16.3121816201319
#3 ChevyA. Dillon16.3301914111014
#11 ToyotaHamlin16.831320103520
#14 FordBowyer18.021611213118
#42 ChevyKenseth18.22423217259
#41 FordCuster18.720412262228
#37 ChevyPreece21.3181027282421
#6 FordNewman21.5282125221815
#95 ToyotaBell22.5222222191733
#38 FordNemechek23.3262626152126
#43 ChevyWallace24.8172428272924
#32 FordLaJoie26.2252731162830
#34 FordMcDowell26.3272524292627
#13 ChevyT. Dillon27.3292923312725
#96 ToyotaSuarez29.7312830303029
#77 ChevySorenson32.0343334352036
#15 ChevyPoole33.0323232383232
#00 ChevyHouff35.3373537333634
#53 FordSmithley37.03839353835
#66 ToyotaHill37.7364038344038
#51 FordGase38.0393836393937

As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.